Academic Resources for Tri Delta Eta Chapter


Sister-2Sister Tutoring – Are you struggling in a class? Do you want to meet more women in your chapter in the same major as you?

  • Sister-2-Sister Tutoring – a great resource if you need a little extra help in a class and also want to meet more people in the Tri Delta community that have the same major as you. 


Writing Center - Have a question about a paper you're writing? Need a fresh perspective? Want to brainstorm ideas with another writer? At the UVM Writing Center, you can work with students from a variety of disciplines who are experienced writers and trained writing tutors.

  • How to make an appointment – online appointments can be made on the writing center website. Create a login and password, and follow the steps to set up a convenient meeting with a tutor of your choice.


Tutoring Center - Subject area tutoring offers course-specific review with other UVM students. Subject area tutoring happens both one-on-one and in groups, in the Learning Co-Op as well as across campus and beyond.

  • How to make an appointment – The best way is to make an appointment online using the website. If you have trouble with this method, you can reach the tutoring center at (802) 656-4075.


Career Center – A great resource UVM offers is the career center. The career center helps with resume building, interview preparation, and networking with alumni.

  • Handshake - Helps to set up students with internships and jobs in the greater Burlington area.
  • The Hub – Has weekly drop-in hours to help with resume building and improving your LinkedIn account.
  • Big Interview – Is website accessible to all UVM students, it records your doing a virtual interview, gives you feedback and lets you watch it again to help improve your skills.


UVM Bailey-Howe Library – Want to book a study room for a group project?

  • Study Rooms – are a great place for group studying or just for a couple friends to study together.


Note Taker – Do you go to class every day and take good note? Do you want to share them with people who need your help? Need community service hours?

  • Peer Note Taker – a great way to help out others if you feel confident in your ability to keep up with class and take good notes.