Living Experience


Tri Delta facilities provide a home away from home to many. Our members embrace the ideal of friendship and value self-respect as they are free to be themselves, form strong friendships and have their current friendships grow stronger while spending time with each other in one of our chapter locations. 


Tri Delta fosters academic excellence. By providing our members with quiet study spaces, academic resources, modern amenities and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, our members are able to focus on their academics and learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Outside the classroom, Tri Delta members are boldly leading the way and are actively involved on their campuses and in their communities. Tri Delta spaces support their leadership and allow members to grow into the best version of themselves.

Although 143 South Willard Street has belonged to Eta since 1934, it has a history that started long before us. It was originally built for and home to James Whelphey Hickok, a University of Vermont graduate and its former treasurer. After switching owners for several years, the house became the permanent residency for Tri Delta. For nearly 100 years, 143 has been a safe haven, a place of joy, and a home to the women of Delta Delta Delta. Generations of our members have lived here and left their mark on the house. 

We have 16 active members and our house director living here throughout the year, but it is home to our entire chapter. From movie nights to various meetings, the house is always buzzing with activity. The craft room is eternally covered in glitter, and the chapter room transforms into a study space during finals week. Women are gathered in the living room watching Netflix, eating nachos, and sharing stories about their day. It is the hub of most of our philanthropy events: where we write our Sincerely Yours letters, where we cook for Delta House of Pancakes, and where we display hundreds of sweets for Delta Desserts. While it may be overwhelming, the activity in our home is an essential part of our sisterhood.



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